We are a group of mature, intelligent, and thoughtful yoga instructors. Our teachers bring an abundance of knowledge, skill, experience and understanding to our classes. On The Mat’s teachers all have unique gifts and specialized training that ensure you enjoy your time...on your mat.

  • Tori Jarvis Grant

    Tori Jarvis Grant

  • Tim Damon

  • Robin Thompson

    Robin Thompson

  • Nikki Martin

    Nikki Martin

  • Lori-Anne Coffin

  • Liseanne MacPherson

  • Leslie Bishop

    Leslie Bishop

  • Lars Frankom

  • Krista Watters

    Krista Watters

  • Kirsten Malloy

  • Jolene D'Entremont

  • Haley Maas

  • Grace Stolarz

  • Cleo Burke

    Cleo Burke

  • Barbie Legett

  • Anna Von Maltzahn

  • Amy Holland

    Amy Holland

  • Ali Sangster

    Ali Sangster